Old Time Family Portraits

In 2015, Matt Mead Photography LLC shot more portrait sessions than we have in any of the previous years. Of these, there are two sessions that I am most proud of. In this post, we’ll showcase the first of these sessions we did  — the Witcoski family portraits for their Christmas cards.

The idea was born one evening over copious amounts of bourbon and wine. We half-jokingly came up with the idea of doing Norman Rockwell style family portraits with all the charm and splendor of the 1950’s. The session then took on a life of its own and we finally settled on how we wanted to set this up: a fire in the fire place, rocking chair, apple pie, dogs, and the whole nine yards.

I used my Canon 6D, two Pro Master studio flashes, with modifier and wireless triggers, and my 28-300mm L lens. As you can see, the actual set up on the photography end of it was pretty simple.setup

After it was all set up, I took an exposure of the set, with fire burning brightly in the fireplace and then asked the “models” to take their positions. Once everyone was in place, we brought in the dogs and began the session.pic-1pic-2pic-3pic-4

The family asked for the final images to be digitally “aged” to give it a more authentically 1950’s feel. So using Adobe Photoshop CC for my initial post, I aged them using the On1 Perfect Photo Suite version 9, photo shop plug in.pic-8 pic-7 pic-6 pic-5

One thing I always do during a session is capture my subjects when they think we’re finished and they start horsing around. These candid moments usually end up being the best — here is a selection of my personal favorites.pic-10 pic-9 pic-11

The next Witcoski family portraits should be interesting as we have already set the bar pretty high with last year’s Christmas card. It’s not too early to book your themed Christmas card family portrait session. Contact us with the form below and stay tuned to the blog to see my second favorite  portrait session of 2015!




2015: What You Didn’t See at Matt Mead Photography LLC

Well 2015 was an interesting and record breaking year at the LLC, so much so that I wasn’t able to keep up with the blog, or at least not blog as much as I would’ve like to. I figured that I’d use the year in review forum to catch you all up on the things you DIDN’T see on the blog in 2015. But first, let’s review what you did see:

I started with an infrared trip around Presque Isle:

Life Through My Infrared Lens: Presque Isle State Park

The Erie Otters won a hockey game or two.

There was some Eerie Roller Derby action, clinics, portraits some commercial real-estate goodness,  a wedding or two, and some aeronautics.

In between all that fun stuff, a lot went down:

An environmental reclamation project on the city’s east side.


Some advertising


I got to hang out with the bishop.


I also spent time with an AMAZING family!


I observed World Hemophilia day.

I appreciated Newscred and its’ customers.


I sweated bullets at the Pittsburgh Triathlon.


And I got heavily into real-estate.

Here are two of the shoots that I’m most proud of:

The Christmas card;wit1

And the 25th birthday present I had 24 hours to create a concept, find locations and shoot. bernice1

Fear not! I did manage to squeeze in some SCUBA diving in between all the action of the LLC.

scuba-1 scuba-3

There was a ton more that I’ll catch up on in future posts. However, if there is something particular you want to see from last year hit us up with some comments here, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Aerial Videos for the LLC

Summer, 2015 at Matt Mead Photography LLC has been an interesting one to say the least. Not only have there been white weddings, but we’ve now entered the promotional video game. Check out some of our work below.

First we did some still and aerial work for the Allegheny River Fly Fishing Company.


The second video we did for Whispering Woods Golf Course in Erie.


These videos have led the LLC in a cool direction and we’ve got some pretty big announcements to make that involve these two companies. Stay tuned to the blog for the future updates on these developments!!!

In the meantime if you, your company, or someone you know would want a short promo-video , you can contact us directly via our website.

Nice Summer for a White Wedding

Summer, 2015 at Matt Mead Photography LLC was dominated by shoots that I vowed from Day One I’d never do — weddings.

In July, I shot the Westfall wedding in Louisville, OH.  Amy and Greg are awesome people and were a lot of fun to photograph.



It started out that I was simply supposed to be the second shooter but after about ten minutes into the ceremony it became evident that I was to be the main shooter.







And the reception provided lots of entertaining shots like this one…


Guys, next time I’m in Louisville, the fireball is on me!!


Next up was a 50th wedding anniversary celebration that I photographed for a wonderful couple and their amazing family. Maybe not a wedding ceremony, because this one turned into a family shoot.




September rounded out the wedding stretch of the summer with a lovely couple from DuBois, Melissa and Gary.  They were having a small, intimate ceremony on Presque Isle at the Lighthouse.


I was more than happy to oblige. Anytime I get to photograph in shorts and sandals, I’m taking it!


The ceremony was short and sweet — but no less romantic and meaningful .  At the end of their family portraits, they asked me to grab a photo of them driving away on their motorcycle.


Business has been good this last part of the year.  So good, in fact, that we’re booked solid throughout the rest of 2015. If you want to be a part of 2016’s adventures, feel free to contact us via our website , our Facebook page, on Instagram (@nauimatt) or in the comments section below!

Since the Last Puck Drop

With the Erie Otters now in the off season a lot of you have been wondering what Matt Mead Photography LLC been up to since the final puck drop of the 2014-2015 season. We’ve been crazy busy:

Kickin’ it with The Watson Institute and The Pittsburgh Riverhounds

Special Kicks Clinic 2015 Watson Institute


Rollin’ with the Eerie Roller Girls

Eerie Roller Girl Sarah Mazzone


Glowin’ with United Services Corps

glow-run 2015 united service corp

Rockin’ out some amazing family sessions




But we’re not ones who “wine”….


…because we added residential real estate and a new commercial architecture client to the schedule.




Fear not, we’ve squeezed in some personal project time too!

erie yacht club aerial


We, at Matt Mead Photography LLC, hope the second half of the year keeps pace with the excitement of the first half. If you would like to be a part of it, you can reach us through our website, Facebook pageInstagram or in the comments section below.

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